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Tip Tuesday – Embellished Accessories

Hello fans! As the holiday season is coming along, we find all sorts of embellishments starting to claim their presence in street styles. Today we are going to share fashion finds on some stunning details and introduce guides to our embellished accessories. With the ability to carry the look from day to night, these make the perfect investments.

The styling strategy here would be to keep your clothing simple, makeup subtle, and let your accessories do the talking. Like the example below, we are implementing the basic stripe top, white skirt and a wool cape as the ‘canvas’ for the gold floral embellished sunglasses and our Becca clutch. Putting on a pair of leather gloves, you will be ready to go to work. At  night, you can simply add a splash of hot pink to your lips for that extra accent.

Screenshot 2013-11-18 21.10.02

If you are looking for more glamour, we would suggest adding some sparkle to one part of your outfit which should go along with the accessories. Below we matched a black skirt with gem embellishments with our Ursula clutch, Hellenic stretch bracelet and black faux suede pumps. At the end, a well-crafted fur coat will help you tie everything together to finish this lavish statement.

Screenshot 2013-11-18 20.26.35

Which look fits your embellished style?


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Tip Tuesday – Cozy Knitwears

In November, as the temperature gets crisper and the season merges from fall to winter, an array of cardigans, ponchos, turtlenecks, and more is in order. At Le Chic, it is easy for our fans to find these items featured in Nathalie Kraynina’s Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. This Tip Tuesday we are going to share hints about how to show off your style against the cold.

Below is an effortlessly chic style inspired by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. To get this look, we would suggest wearing Nathalie’s Chan Chan Sweater with a pair of black leather leggings and nude Gia ballet flats that speak to the tone of the sweater. You can keep the jewelries simple with our Everlasting Love necklace and White Crystal Stretch Bracelet while putting on a well-crafted felt hat to make the statement.

Screenshot 2013-11-04 16.51.03

Another item that we have spotted in so many street styles is the long sleeve black sweater which you can also find in Nathalie’s Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. The Mystical Nazca Sweater with detachable hood allows you to wear it alone with the hood on or to move the hood and layer it on a shirt like the street style demonstrates below.  To add a little accent, we would finish this look with a pair of pointy toe booties and our Dainty Butterfly necklace.

Screenshot 2013-11-04 17.57.13

What is your favorite knitwear style this season? 

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Tip Tuesday

Ok so we just blogged about bright denim and ways to accessorize or style them. This week we are jumping to a bit of an extreme opposite color for focus this week, one of our favorites may I add, Pale Pink!!! This color is so great to have in your closet because many colors complement pale pink. Whether it is accessories, jeans, blazers, or a shirt, it is guaranteed that you will find something to wear with this almost neutral color. Just think of any white item of clothing that you see in your closet and think of what you usually pair with it. Replace it with a pale pink color instead and see for yourself how fabulous it will indeed look for a change. Here are some examples of some chic finds that we feel exudes this trend right now as well as some of Le Chic USA’s jewelry that follows this color trend as well 🙂 Let us know which one is your favorite!! (www.Refinery29.com)

Le Chic USA Jewelry – Pale Pink

Champagne Triumph

Pink Ice Rose Gold

Spring Joy Earrings

Flower Girl

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Tip Tuesday: Pearls

As mentioned in last week’s Tip Tuesday post, finding that perfect gift, whether it be for a bridesmaid or not, can always benefit from an added touch of personalization, and a simple way to do so is by incorporating something that is unique to the gift recipient, like their birthstone.

As we enter into the third week of June it’s about time to honor this month’s birthstone: the timeless classic every woman desires to own, pearls.

I thoroughly enjoyed one of the posts last week from one of our fave blogs, The Ice Jewelry Blog of Ice.com, titled “5 Fun Facts About Pearls and Power.” Now I won’t reiterate each of the interesting and fun facts they shared about the history of pearls, though I will say nearly each fact is deeply rooted in historical attachment to women of power.

Ice Jewelry Blog writes, “Pearls are the most enduring and timeless gemstone you can own. Throughout various mythologies, pearls are nearly always symbolic of wisdom, women, water and the moon, but they’re a symbol of class, power and sophistication. With that in mind,  it’s no wonder they’re worn throughout history by female heads of state and celebrities alike.”

If you think about it, doesn’t every woman, or younger girl even, at some point claim/wish to one day inherit their mother’s pearls? And why do us women often strive to inherit these precious gems rather than go out and purchase our own set? Simply put, $$$$.

Naturally, this is where your fashion accessory gurus at Le Chic USA come to the rescue. Although a genuine set of pearls is a jewelry piece that every woman deserves to own, it’s just not economically sound for the majority of the population, especially in light of our wonderful (sarcasm inserted here) economy.

Which brings me to our savvy solution: Le Chic USA offers great styles that incorporate pearls, imitation ones, coupled with true precious metals, which saves you 80 percent of the cost you’d pay for a real set of pearls.

Our Founder Joanna and I polled a wide array of our friends around Los Angeles and Chicago, wearing a variety of the Le Chic USA imitation pearl pieces. The result? Ninety percent of the time we “passed the test,” with flying colors I might add, and almost everyone (women and men) thought we were sporting the real deal.

Take a look at some the styles we’ve chosen below (don’t forget to browse many more options on our online store). Remember, this is a gift (for yourself or someone else) that will bestow wisdom, power and sophistication. Even though it’s not 100 percent real, you, or the lucky person you gift this to, will be sporting a spectacular piece that will surely hold true to its “wow” factor. The beauty of it all? You pay little to nothing, well comparatively of course!

  • Right-Hand Pearl Ring $70 – White gold rhodium bonded single ring with multiple connected bands, each band having CZ accents, with the exception of the center band atop which rests pearl as the focal point

I have to end this Tip Tuesday post with the most humorous of the pearl facts Ice Jewelry Blog divulged – one that is perfect to kick off summer. Did you know the name Margarita actually means pearl? With that said, I think it’s implied that you must don your fave pearl jewelry piece(s) and grab a refreshing Margarita to kick off summer with the utmost of sophistication and style.

As always, feel free to leave a comment here on the blog, shoot us an e-mail to lechicusa@gmail.com, a tweet to @LeChicUSA or hit us up on Facebook – we love getting your feedback as much as possible!

❤ KS

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Tip Tuesday: Bridesmaids

Summer is often the season for weddings, and this year that includes the release of what I like to call the female rebuttal, or counterpart, to The Hangover – if you haven’t seen the movie Bridesmaids you might want to  as even the critics at IMDb ranked it 7.7/10.

Now the movie may be an extreme over-dramatization of the pandemonium that may occur in the process of wedding planning, but it is definitely a tough task, and a pricy one at that.
Let Le Chic USA help out with our reco’ of the top 3 bridesmaid gifts of 2011, gifts that won’t burn a hole in your pocket either!

3. Mixed precious metal bangle bracelets – very practical, bangles made from metals like silver, copper, and gold can be worn with almost everything after the wedding is over. Try the Linked Trio for $64.

2. Colorful pendants – an interesting accent to bridesmaid dresses, a pendant with a pattern or bold color that compliments the hue of the dress is always beautiful. Try the Chelsea Leaf Design Pendant for $54.

1. Birthstone jewelry – a piece of jewelry with a the bridesmaid’s birthstone gives the gift that special feeling of personalization. For a December bridesmaid, for example, try the Blue Lagoon Ring for $24.

Do you have any tips for bridesmaid gifting? Please comment here or e-mail lechicusa@gmail.com, and be sure to let us know if you can’t find what you are looking for! Happy Tip Tuesday 🙂

❤ KS

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