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World Wednesday – Streets of Tokyo

A couple weeks ago, we introduced our fans to the very playful street styles of Tokyo where we found layers of bright colors and exotic prints. Today, you can discover a different side of the fashion in Tokyo which is very modern and more structured.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 17.55.38

The ultra-sleek cuts and fittings remain to be the symbols of Japanese fashion. While the stylish figures on the streets of Tokyo continue to embrace the layering of unique pieces, we see a more neutral color palette implemented in the outfits shown below. The colors tune down the edgy pieces in order to make them fit together.

To utilize these style languages, we would suggest picking up a black shirt dress with drapes as the core of your outfit. Then you can add a structural grey or off-white leather jacket and a pair of wedge sneakers which will make the look cool and neutral. A pair of black leggings here would be a very simple way to link all the shades of black and white in this outfit. The last yet the most crucial step for you would be to accessorize it with your personal accent. A bright color envelope clutch along with our Archaic Crystal Cuff will brighten everything up!

Screenshot 2013-11-27 17.52.35

What are your style inspirations from the streets of Tokyo?


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Tip Tuesday – Embellished Accessories

Hello fans! As the holiday season is coming along, we find all sorts of embellishments starting to claim their presence in street styles. Today we are going to share fashion finds on some stunning details and introduce guides to our embellished accessories. With the ability to carry the look from day to night, these make the perfect investments.

The styling strategy here would be to keep your clothing simple, makeup subtle, and let your accessories do the talking. Like the example below, we are implementing the basic stripe top, white skirt and a wool cape as the ‘canvas’ for the gold floral embellished sunglasses and our Becca clutch. Putting on a pair of leather gloves, you will be ready to go to work. At  night, you can simply add a splash of hot pink to your lips for that extra accent.

Screenshot 2013-11-18 21.10.02

If you are looking for more glamour, we would suggest adding some sparkle to one part of your outfit which should go along with the accessories. Below we matched a black skirt with gem embellishments with our Ursula clutch, Hellenic stretch bracelet and black faux suede pumps. At the end, a well-crafted fur coat will help you tie everything together to finish this lavish statement.

Screenshot 2013-11-18 20.26.35

Which look fits your embellished style?

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World Wednesday – Streets of Tokyo

This November, we are bringing our fans to the streets of Tokyo where the styling philosophy is all about the fun and the creative.  At the same time, we will reveal tips on how to mix some versatile accessories from Le Chic in these looks.

Street Styles in Tokyo has a very unique language about embracing individuality. Tokyo girls love to match new clothes with vintage hunts and there are always loads of expressive details in their outfits with one-of-a-kind accessories like the asymmetric leggings and the platform mules.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 17.54.01

Below are a couple snapshots in which the girls mix poppy red with beige. We found it quite impressive how they blend all the bold prints together. To get the look,  you can try putting on a bright colored scarf with a neutral one-piece and finish off with a pair of statement leggings. Or, you can indulge your love for vintage prints on both your dress and your cape! Our beaded tribal necklace would be an ideal touch-up here that you can wear with the beige dresses.

Screenshot 2013-11-12 02.16.39

Which one is your favorite Tokyo street style? 

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Tip Tuesday – Cozy Knitwears

In November, as the temperature gets crisper and the season merges from fall to winter, an array of cardigans, ponchos, turtlenecks, and more is in order. At Le Chic, it is easy for our fans to find these items featured in Nathalie Kraynina’s Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. This Tip Tuesday we are going to share hints about how to show off your style against the cold.

Below is an effortlessly chic style inspired by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. To get this look, we would suggest wearing Nathalie’s Chan Chan Sweater with a pair of black leather leggings and nude Gia ballet flats that speak to the tone of the sweater. You can keep the jewelries simple with our Everlasting Love necklace and White Crystal Stretch Bracelet while putting on a well-crafted felt hat to make the statement.

Screenshot 2013-11-04 16.51.03

Another item that we have spotted in so many street styles is the long sleeve black sweater which you can also find in Nathalie’s Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. The Mystical Nazca Sweater with detachable hood allows you to wear it alone with the hood on or to move the hood and layer it on a shirt like the street style demonstrates below.  To add a little accent, we would finish this look with a pair of pointy toe booties and our Dainty Butterfly necklace.

Screenshot 2013-11-04 17.57.13

What is your favorite knitwear style this season? 

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Media Monday – Sandra Bullock’s New Film Gravity

If you had ever made a trip to the theater in the past few weeks you’d notice Gravity at the box office. With $31 million in ticket sales at North American theaters, Gravity had held the top spot for the third consecutive weekend as of Oct 21.

Audiences will be captivated by the fascinating recreation of outer-space environment as they get drawn into the theater for the reveal in the trailer. Yet the film doubles as a mediation on loss and is in fact so deeply emotional as indicated by the director Alfonso Cuarón, who succinctly describes Gravity as a film about “rebirth.”

The starring actress – Sandra Bullock – is again riding high with Oscar Buzz for her performance. But her powerful appeal resides in that quality so rare in Hollywood: ‘relatability’ – you see her like one of your old friends from school, or a cool girl you would meet in the café.

We appreciate her styles for the person she is. Nevertheless, once she steps in the gown, she turns up the heat on the red carpet with distinctive glamour. Take a look at our periodical of Sandra Bullock’s best red carpet looks below and inspirational Le Chic accessories by her characteristic.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 11.17.17 PM

Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 11.22.47 PM

Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 11.45.03 PM

How would you characterize Sandra Bullock’s style?



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World Wednesday – Streets of Madrid

We are so glad to say today is Wednesday!!! … after hump day, the weekend gets closer and as our Le Chic fans know, this is the day of the week we bring forward the perfect looks from around the globe. Also we introduce you with some of our new arrivals and we show you how to match our accessory sets with these cosmopolitan outfits.

Every August, Spanish people celebrate an amazing event, “San Fermin festival”. Surely for #fashionlovers, the coolest part of the festival is the fact that you must wear a special outfit. Enjoy the “fiesta” on the street and let’s see some ideas that look amazing in white.

san fermin street

Want to discover more about Madrid style?… well, you should keep your eyes on the spring-summer 2013 trend: #globetrotter. Take a look on this Ralph Lauren runway pic, full of spanish nuances.


Which look is your favorite?

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