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World Wednesday – Streets of Tokyo

A couple weeks ago, we introduced our fans to the very playful street styles of Tokyo where we found layers of bright colors and exotic prints. Today, you can discover a different side of the fashion in Tokyo which is very modern and more structured.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 17.55.38

The ultra-sleek cuts and fittings remain to be the symbols of Japanese fashion. While the stylish figures on the streets of Tokyo continue to embrace the layering of unique pieces, we see a more neutral color palette implemented in the outfits shown below. The colors tune down the edgy pieces in order to make them fit together.

To utilize these style languages, we would suggest picking up a black shirt dress with drapes as the core of your outfit. Then you can add a structural grey or off-white leather jacket and a pair of wedge sneakers which will make the look cool and neutral. A pair of black leggings here would be a very simple way to link all the shades of black and white in this outfit. The last yet the most crucial step for you would be to accessorize it with your personal accent. A bright color envelope clutch along with our Archaic Crystal Cuff will brighten everything up!

Screenshot 2013-11-27 17.52.35

What are your style inspirations from the streets of Tokyo?


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Tip Tuesday

Ok so we just blogged about bright denim and ways to accessorize or style them. This week we are jumping to a bit of an extreme opposite color for focus this week, one of our favorites may I add, Pale Pink!!! This color is so great to have in your closet because many colors complement pale pink. Whether it is accessories, jeans, blazers, or a shirt, it is guaranteed that you will find something to wear with this almost neutral color. Just think of any white item of clothing that you see in your closet and think of what you usually pair with it. Replace it with a pale pink color instead and see for yourself how fabulous it will indeed look for a change. Here are some examples of some chic finds that we feel exudes this trend right now as well as some of Le Chic USA’s jewelry that follows this color trend as well 🙂 Let us know which one is your favorite!! (www.Refinery29.com)

Le Chic USA Jewelry – Pale Pink

Champagne Triumph

Pink Ice Rose Gold

Spring Joy Earrings

Flower Girl

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