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Throwback Thursday – Emerald

The color theme of emerald has never been too far away from the focus of the hottest fashion trends. The emerald color is bold, yet elegant and classic and always has been.

Back in the 195os, it was Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite color during her Golden Age at the Hollywood. She had the most beautiful emerald eyes and she loved to wear everything emerald, from her fit-and-flare dress to that pair of sparkling earrings, except for her flawless red lips. Emerald composed the unforgettable moments of her charming style. Our Objet d’Art Earrings with rustic silver finishing would be your go-to jewelry for a vintage emerald look inspired by Elizabeth Taylor.

Screenshot 2013-12-02 03.06.28

Today, emerald still keeps it’s presence everywhere from the runway to the streets. This color works great as a statement in any part of your outfit – a flowing dress, a necklace, or even a bold eye makeup. We also adore the appearance of emerald when it marries lace and is accessorized with gold. In the collage below, you can experience how our Distinct Sage Ring revitalizes a black dress with delicate lace detail. While having emerald being the theme, you can opt for our Fall Terrace Ring in case you desire more sparkles or our 4-Leaf Clover Ring for a slightly exotic feeling.

Screenshot 2013-12-02 03.06.48

On December 12th, more of Le Chic emerald accessories will be on sale at Shoplately where you can get your favorite styles at up to 45% off with free shipping!

What is your favorite emerald style from Le Chic? 


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Forecast Friday – Thanksgiving Sale!

This Thanksgiving, we thank you for being a customer and a friend to Le Chic. Since our launch, we’ve been honored to be a part of your life and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support. Now as a special ‘thank-you’ gift for our fans, we are offering 40% off for all regular-priced items until Midnight after Cyber Monday!

thanksgiving banner

This sale will include all of our New Arrivals that have just gotten to our online boutique! The Leaflet Chain Necklace that just arrived this week is shown here with a black lace dress with sequin details. Together with the Hellenic Stretch Bracelet they’ll shine glamour with your favorite holiday dress. This weekend is the perfect chance for you to get more of what you want for the same budget.

Screenshot 2013-11-28 19.56.49

You are the best part of Le Chic. We wish you and your family a very happy holiday!

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Throwback Thursday

Peasant blouses have been a summer staple item since the 60s and with summer still in full bloom, what better time then now to pick up a modern version of this chic, classic top!

Perfect with shorts, leather pants, a pencil skirt, and almost any other bottom, the peasant blouse is usually in a lightweight fabric that is super comfy that can transition beautifully into early fall. Le Chic has picked out some of our favorite past time looks along with our fave modern looks along with how to accessorize with our accessories.



                 Which peasant look is your favorite?

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Wordless Wednesday: How To Accessorize Wacky Affordable Leggings

Hello Le Chic Fans!

Today in our Wordless Wednesday blog, we are going to put some focus on our gorgeous legs! While killing some time online Monday, we found some awesome leggings in an article by Yahoo! Shine called 10 of the Craziest Leggings Ever. This article featured 10 of the boldest, wackiest and most colorful leggings that could suit anyone’s style and just about everyone’s budget. Here at Le Chic, we chose four of our favorite styles of leggings and  created four different looks with our classic accessories.  Check them out below!

black and gold

black and gold by lechicusafashion featuring a fitted jacket


lucite by lechicusafashion featuring white tanks


wild by lechicusafashion featuring a spike belt


cathedral by lechicusafashion featuring a denim jacket

How else could you rock these looks?


by The Girl Blake


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Wordless Wednesday: Trendy Styles $70 & Under

As of today, you lovely Le Chic fans have 10 days left to take full advantage of our Limited Prom Sale! And in case you haven’t had a chance to check it out, this special offer is for all of our exclusive prom jewelry. And of course you don’t have to limit your purchase to prom only, these items would be great for graduations, anniversaries or any special occasion. When you buy at least $150 use checkout code PROM for 20% off and PROM2 for 30% off of $300. And because you are our favorite people, here are some of our trendiest styles under $70, happy shopping!

Crystal Ball Set, $68

Crystal Hoop Earrings,$67

Gold Mesh Purse, $69

Classic Gold Bangle, $56

Brown Satin Purse, $63

What styles will you pick under $70?

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Forecast Friday: ShopLately Sales Event

Starting tomorrow, Le Chic is teaming up with ShopLately again for an exclusive sale event with our graduation and prom accessories! Our collection for this event has been hand-picked just for fabulous last-minute graduation gifts and the latest trending prom accessories.  Also this unique sale, of our exclusively priced items, will be available through ShopLately for a limited time only. So, make sure to check it out because this is a very special event you do not want to miss!

 What is your next step?  We want you to set your alarm on your phone and add this to your to-do list, because the ShopLately Sale starts TOMORROW and will only be around for a few days. Don’t forget, you can also use Facebook to log you in as a member to take advantage of this sale!

Get ready to finish off those last-minute grad gifts and complete your prom look with this exclusive sale for your special day! Here is a sneak peek of a few items from the ShopLately Sales Event, happy browsing!


Ray of Light Necklace


Polar Opposites

Silver Pearl Crystal Pearl Jewelry Set

Which styles will you choose for your special day?

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Wordless Wednesday: Savvy Gifts For Mom

Have you thought about what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? Well, you’ve got 11 days to get her the perfect gift for any occasion and here at Le Chic, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few suggestions from our collection for every mom! So ahead, scroll down and find your mother her perfect gift today!

Mother’s Day Blush

Mother's Day Blush



Mother’s Day Edge

Mother's Day Edge

Mother Pearl Essence

Mother Pearl Essence

What would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom?

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