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Tip Tuesday – Embellished Accessories

Hello fans! As the holiday season is coming along, we find all sorts of embellishments starting to claim their presence in street styles. Today we are going to share fashion finds on some stunning details and introduce guides to our embellished accessories. With the ability to carry the look from day to night, these make the perfect investments.

The styling strategy here would be to keep your clothing simple, makeup subtle, and let your accessories do the talking. Like the example below, we are implementing the basic stripe top, white skirt and a wool cape as the ‘canvas’ for the gold floral embellished sunglasses and our Becca clutch. Putting on a pair of leather gloves, you will be ready to go to work. At  night, you can simply add a splash of hot pink to your lips for that extra accent.

Screenshot 2013-11-18 21.10.02

If you are looking for more glamour, we would suggest adding some sparkle to one part of your outfit which should go along with the accessories. Below we matched a black skirt with gem embellishments with our Ursula clutch, Hellenic stretch bracelet and black faux suede pumps. At the end, a well-crafted fur coat will help you tie everything together to finish this lavish statement.

Screenshot 2013-11-18 20.26.35

Which look fits your embellished style?


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World Wednesday – Streets of Tokyo

This November, we are bringing our fans to the streets of Tokyo where the styling philosophy is all about the fun and the creative.  At the same time, we will reveal tips on how to mix some versatile accessories from Le Chic in these looks.

Street Styles in Tokyo has a very unique language about embracing individuality. Tokyo girls love to match new clothes with vintage hunts and there are always loads of expressive details in their outfits with one-of-a-kind accessories like the asymmetric leggings and the platform mules.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 17.54.01

Below are a couple snapshots in which the girls mix poppy red with beige. We found it quite impressive how they blend all the bold prints together. To get the look,  you can try putting on a bright colored scarf with a neutral one-piece and finish off with a pair of statement leggings. Or, you can indulge your love for vintage prints on both your dress and your cape! Our beaded tribal necklace would be an ideal touch-up here that you can wear with the beige dresses.

Screenshot 2013-11-12 02.16.39

Which one is your favorite Tokyo street style? 

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Forecast Friday – Beyond The Rack Necklace Sale

When you are debating between uniqueness and versatility for your new accessory, there is nothing better than an initial pendant necklace that can give you both at one place! Therefore, we are delighted to announce another Le Chic Sale Event from Oct 20th to 22nd with Beyond The Rack which will be devoted to necklaces and where we will exclusively feature our initial pendants.

Initial Pendant

At this sale we will feature gold, rose gold, silver, and silver with crystal pendant necklaces. These necklaces are Le Chic girls’ favorite accessories to either dress up or dress down and to be worn from day to night. This coming Sunday, our fans get to shop them all at once for very affordable prices before all of them are even up on our own website. This could also be a great chance for you to get a head start for holiday shopping and to find the perfect customized gift for your significant others. So mark your calendar – sale starts at 9am EST on Oct 20 and ends on Oct 22 at 1pm EST!

Which initial pendant style is your favorite?

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Throwback Thursday – Tweed Jacket

In 1954, Coco Chanel first imagined the little black jacket inspired by tweed fabric on men’s suits. It was meant to free women from the restricted formality of dress codes and give them liberty to move around. The design quickly gained reputations overseas starting in Hollywood and today it is embraced by stylish women around the world.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.58.46 PM

Although black remains the forever classic color for the tweed jacket, much more playful colors and textures for different seasons has been developed over the past few decades. Derived from its original presence as the top of a set of a woman’s suit, the tweed jacket is now mixed and matched with jeans, mini skirts, shorts and layered over t-shirts. It is every stylish woman’s must-have!

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.43.42 PM

What would you wear with your tweed jacket?


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Wordless Wednesday: How To Accessorize Wacky Affordable Leggings

Hello Le Chic Fans!

Today in our Wordless Wednesday blog, we are going to put some focus on our gorgeous legs! While killing some time online Monday, we found some awesome leggings in an article by Yahoo! Shine called 10 of the Craziest Leggings Ever. This article featured 10 of the boldest, wackiest and most colorful leggings that could suit anyone’s style and just about everyone’s budget. Here at Le Chic, we chose four of our favorite styles of leggings and  created four different looks with our classic accessories.  Check them out below!

black and gold

black and gold by lechicusafashion featuring a fitted jacket


lucite by lechicusafashion featuring white tanks


wild by lechicusafashion featuring a spike belt


cathedral by lechicusafashion featuring a denim jacket

How else could you rock these looks?


by The Girl Blake


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Forecast Friday – “The Great Gatsby” Inspired Jewelry Sale w/Beyond the Rack

As all of our movie buffs know, “The Great Gatsby” is one of the most talked
about films of the year. Not just because of it’s new remake or hottest actors in
the film but also because of the amazing featured FASHION! Therefore, we are
very happy to announce that we will be having a sale with Beyond the Rack,
starting tomorrow at 9am exclusively for “The Great Gatsby” themed jewelry sale event. Receive deep discounts on some of the finest styles we carry that were inspired by this
movie. Below is an inspiration and sneak peek of what to expect for this fabulous event…make sure to check out this limited time sale that ends on Monday, June 10!

Great Gatsby Inspired

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry from
                                “The Great Gatsby”?

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Tip Tuesday: Get Your Beauty On

Have you thought about your look for the Graduation, last minute Prom or the summer? Well fear not! Le Chic has got you covered with a few boards with the latest beauty trends to get your creative beauty juices flowing, Enjoy!

A twist on a Classic Lip with flirty fluttery Blue-green eyes for Prom

classic twist

classic twist by lechicusafashion featuring lip makeup

For Two-Tone Lips:

  1. Apply Beta Lip Tar to the upper lip.
  2. With a fresh brush, apply Anime Lip Tar to the lower lip.
Courtesy of Sephora

Blue Liner, Bold Brows and a Matte Red Kisser for Graduation Night

Blue Liner and Brushy Bows with Red Kisser

Blue Liner and Brushy Bows with Red Kisser by lechicusafashion featuring eye makeup

Strong Brow Tips:

  1. Stick to powders, not pencils.
  2. Brush powder on your hairs, not your skin.
  3. Focus pigment on the outer two-thirds of your brows.
  4. Mix your colors.
Courtesy of PopSugar

Warm and Neutral Day Look for Graduation or Prom


Warm Neutral

Warm Neutral by lechicusafashion featuring vintage dresses

For this Look:

  1. Take a brown shadow and line your bottom lid.
  2. Brush out to edge of lid.
  3. No liner.
  4. Apply a sheer neutral color lip gloss.
  5. Finish with brown mascara on top lashes only.

What beauty look will you rock the most this summer?


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