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World Wednesday – Streets of Tokyo

A couple weeks ago, we introduced our fans to the very playful street styles of Tokyo where we found layers of bright colors and exotic prints. Today, you can discover a different side of the fashion in Tokyo which is very modern and more structured.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 17.55.38

The ultra-sleek cuts and fittings remain to be the symbols of Japanese fashion. While the stylish figures on the streets of Tokyo continue to embrace the layering of unique pieces, we see a more neutral color palette implemented in the outfits shown below. The colors tune down the edgy pieces in order to make them fit together.

To utilize these style languages, we would suggest picking up a black shirt dress with drapes as the core of your outfit. Then you can add a structural grey or off-white leather jacket and a pair of wedge sneakers which will make the look cool and neutral. A pair of black leggings here would be a very simple way to link all the shades of black and white in this outfit. The last yet the most crucial step for you would be to accessorize it with your personal accent. A bright color envelope clutch along with our Archaic Crystal Cuff will brighten everything up!

Screenshot 2013-11-27 17.52.35

What are your style inspirations from the streets of Tokyo?


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World Wednesday – Streets of Tokyo

This November, we are bringing our fans to the streets of Tokyo where the styling philosophy is all about the fun and the creative.  At the same time, we will reveal tips on how to mix some versatile accessories from Le Chic in these looks.

Street Styles in Tokyo has a very unique language about embracing individuality. Tokyo girls love to match new clothes with vintage hunts and there are always loads of expressive details in their outfits with one-of-a-kind accessories like the asymmetric leggings and the platform mules.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 17.54.01

Below are a couple snapshots in which the girls mix poppy red with beige. We found it quite impressive how they blend all the bold prints together. To get the look,  you can try putting on a bright colored scarf with a neutral one-piece and finish off with a pair of statement leggings. Or, you can indulge your love for vintage prints on both your dress and your cape! Our beaded tribal necklace would be an ideal touch-up here that you can wear with the beige dresses.

Screenshot 2013-11-12 02.16.39

Which one is your favorite Tokyo street style? 

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World Wednesday – Streets of London

This World Wednesday we are taking you back to London as one of the origins of Punk subculture.  Advocated for its independent spirit, Punk has always been the source of inspiration for fashion designers like Vivienne Westwood who seeks to make a statement. Today we are going to show you some of the contemporary interpretations on the streets of London with a twist of Punk characters into everyday outfits.

Below is an example of a girl who translated the feminine side of Punk by combining an elegant black dress with a rock stud motorcycle jacket. Our black bronzed earrings and Terry ankle boots are ideal to complete this statement.

Screenshot 2013-10-31 23.31.22

The key for the style here is really to express yourself and dare to mix it up.


To revitalize your versatile ripped jean shorts and basic tees from summer this fall, you can investigate a jacket with bold prints which would add that extra edge. Besides, you can never go wrong with a pair of black drench boots for this outfit. Last but not least, try on our black geometric bangle or our pewter mesh bracelet – it’s all about the detail.

What is your favorite Punk street style?

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World Wednesday – Streets of London

This month for our Wordless Wednesday topic, we will be presenting ultra-slick styles from the streets of London to our Le Chic fans. Also we introduce you tips on how to match some of these looks with our new accessories in order to create your perfect look.

Street Fashion in London has always been a role model for its forward-thinking modernity while this year we also find a focus on wearability. Together with sunny days and cool breeze, the Fall season is all about wearing layers; keeping your outfit simple while topping it off with a bright pop color to make a statement.


photo courtesy to, photo by Amar Daved

For a more casual day hanging out in the city, think “bright” when you pick your soft knits. Layer your sweater over a white shirt and pair them with the basics – blue jeans and classic heels.


photo courtesy to, photo by Amar Daved

What is your favorite London street style this Fall?

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World Wednesday – Streets of Madrid

We are so glad to say today is Wednesday!!! … after hump day, the weekend gets closer and as our Le Chic fans know, this is the day of the week we bring forward the perfect looks from around the globe. Also we introduce you with some of our new arrivals and we show you how to match our accessory sets with these cosmopolitan outfits.

Every August, Spanish people celebrate an amazing event, “San Fermin festival”. Surely for #fashionlovers, the coolest part of the festival is the fact that you must wear a special outfit. Enjoy the “fiesta” on the street and let’s see some ideas that look amazing in white.

san fermin street

Want to discover more about Madrid style?… well, you should keep your eyes on the spring-summer 2013 trend: #globetrotter. Take a look on this Ralph Lauren runway pic, full of spanish nuances.


Which look is your favorite?

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World Wednesday: On The Streets Of Paris

Hello Le Chic Fans, we’re glad see you back and hope you had a fun 4th of July!

Today’s blog is World Wednesday, which means we feature looks from around the globe and of course, incorporate Le Chic’s classic trending accessories! For our focus today, we are covering  the trendiest street fashion from the center of the fashion world, Paris, France. Last week, Paris Fashion Week was in full swing featuring Men’s Haute Couture and many of its locals (mostly women, of course) stepped out in style to catch all of the action!

Paris’ street fashion is among the chicest in the world! It’s fierce, fun and always keeps us on our toes. It’s also never the same and absolutely NO RULES apply!

Below we took three of our favorite looks and paired them up with a few of our classic new arrivals, check them out…Enjoy!


Casual Chic

Casual Oxford Chic

Morocco Necklace


Orange Crush

Orange Crush

Hellenic Stretch Bracelet, Lexie Shoe


Leopard Leopard!

In ‘like’ with Leopard

Golden Gardenia, Lia Shoe

What’s your favorite streetstyle look?

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