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Tip Tuesday – Embellished Accessories

Hello fans! As the holiday season is coming along, we find all sorts of embellishments starting to claim their presence in street styles. Today we are going to share fashion finds on some stunning details and introduce guides to our embellished accessories. With the ability to carry the look from day to night, these make the perfect investments.

The styling strategy here would be to keep your clothing simple, makeup subtle, and let your accessories do the talking. Like the example below, we are implementing the basic stripe top, white skirt and a wool cape as the ‘canvas’ for the gold floral embellished sunglasses and our Becca clutch. Putting on a pair of leather gloves, you will be ready to go to work. At  night, you can simply add a splash of hot pink to your lips for that extra accent.

Screenshot 2013-11-18 21.10.02

If you are looking for more glamour, we would suggest adding some sparkle to one part of your outfit which should go along with the accessories. Below we matched a black skirt with gem embellishments with our Ursula clutch, Hellenic stretch bracelet and black faux suede pumps. At the end, a well-crafted fur coat will help you tie everything together to finish this lavish statement.

Screenshot 2013-11-18 20.26.35

Which look fits your embellished style?


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Tip Tuesday – Cozy Knitwears

In November, as the temperature gets crisper and the season merges from fall to winter, an array of cardigans, ponchos, turtlenecks, and more is in order. At Le Chic, it is easy for our fans to find these items featured in Nathalie Kraynina’s Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. This Tip Tuesday we are going to share hints about how to show off your style against the cold.

Below is an effortlessly chic style inspired by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. To get this look, we would suggest wearing Nathalie’s Chan Chan Sweater with a pair of black leather leggings and nude Gia ballet flats that speak to the tone of the sweater. You can keep the jewelries simple with our Everlasting Love necklace and White Crystal Stretch Bracelet while putting on a well-crafted felt hat to make the statement.

Screenshot 2013-11-04 16.51.03

Another item that we have spotted in so many street styles is the long sleeve black sweater which you can also find in Nathalie’s Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. The Mystical Nazca Sweater with detachable hood allows you to wear it alone with the hood on or to move the hood and layer it on a shirt like the street style demonstrates below.  To add a little accent, we would finish this look with a pair of pointy toe booties and our Dainty Butterfly necklace.

Screenshot 2013-11-04 17.57.13

What is your favorite knitwear style this season? 

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Tip Tuesday – Statement Necklaces

If you haven’t noticed already, statement necklaces are starting to pop up everywhere –  from the street style photos to the fashionistas’ blogs. While putting on your warm knits and pocket coats, now is the perfect time for the statement necklaces to shine. Chunky or streamline, with jewels or hardware – it’s all in the details.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 5.25.06 PM

For the look above, we paired up our gold Textured Circle Necklace with a grey sleeveless wool dress for a classic work outfit. Feeling like adding a touch of sparkle to the subtle shades of black and white? You can never go wrong with this Bedazzled Cuff.

Looking for something more bold? Well, pick up our Picasso Necklace to go with the navy coat or the royal blue heels in your wardrobe and complete the look with our Geometric Stretch Bracelet! Below is a sample that we adore which can transition effortlessly from day to night.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 8.32.09 PM

Which Le Chic statement necklace matches your style?

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Tip Tuesday: White nails!

Just like eyes are the window of the soul, so are the nails. That’s why our Le Chic fans loves take care of them! check this ultra cool summer trends   #whitenails #whitepolish which are now a “must have” in your nail polish collection.

When your hands will be looking white hot this season, you should wear our Le Chic white gold Rhodium bonded fashion ring featuring pave round cut clear cubic zirconia in an oval design in silver stone!


What Le Chic ring would you wear?

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Tip Tuesday: Dangly Earrings with Summer Inspired Updos!

Here at Le Chic we are huge fans of trendy updos and today we’ve got four trending hairstyles, that can suit every girl! Not only are updos super sophisticated, but they’re also great to wear for any summertime event. Whether you want some lazy tendrils for a bo-ho chic look or a sultry side-swipe for a night out with your beau, one of our favorite styles will be great for you. With the sizzling heat outside, day or night, its nice to put your hair up, show off your shoulders and throw some Le Chic earring on to perfect your look.

Below we’ve  got our earrings paired with four inspirational updos… enjoy!

Light & Feminine, this Grecian updo, along with our Aphrodite Earrings is classically chic and sophisticated.


Gatsby influenced, our Peacock Earrings create more flair for this wavy chignon style.


Twisted and Textured  with some bounce and our Goldtone Helix go cohesively together.

Twisted and Springy

Mixed Tussles along with a Braid-band and our Black Late Bloomer complete a bo-ho chic look.


What’s your favorite summer updo?

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Tip Tuesday: Get Your Beauty On

Have you thought about your look for the Graduation, last minute Prom or the summer? Well fear not! Le Chic has got you covered with a few boards with the latest beauty trends to get your creative beauty juices flowing, Enjoy!

A twist on a Classic Lip with flirty fluttery Blue-green eyes for Prom

classic twist

classic twist by lechicusafashion featuring lip makeup

For Two-Tone Lips:

  1. Apply Beta Lip Tar to the upper lip.
  2. With a fresh brush, apply Anime Lip Tar to the lower lip.
Courtesy of Sephora

Blue Liner, Bold Brows and a Matte Red Kisser for Graduation Night

Blue Liner and Brushy Bows with Red Kisser

Blue Liner and Brushy Bows with Red Kisser by lechicusafashion featuring eye makeup

Strong Brow Tips:

  1. Stick to powders, not pencils.
  2. Brush powder on your hairs, not your skin.
  3. Focus pigment on the outer two-thirds of your brows.
  4. Mix your colors.
Courtesy of PopSugar

Warm and Neutral Day Look for Graduation or Prom


Warm Neutral

Warm Neutral by lechicusafashion featuring vintage dresses

For this Look:

  1. Take a brown shadow and line your bottom lid.
  2. Brush out to edge of lid.
  3. No liner.
  4. Apply a sheer neutral color lip gloss.
  5. Finish with brown mascara on top lashes only.

What beauty look will you rock the most this summer?


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Tip Tuesday: Prom Season

Prom season has arrived! Gorgeous dress, flashy accessories, and a hair style you can still dance in are all on the list! Le Chic has got you covered no matter how you want to look on your special night. Play up your personality or be a little more daring. All jewelry shown is Le Chic’s and each dress featured is from Faviana’s 2013 prom collection.

Boho Goddess

Faviana style 7126, Le Chic Cinder necklace, Le Chic Rhodium Bangle Set

Vintage Glam

Faviana style 7113, Le Chic Flower Luster necklace, Le Chic Pearly Contempo Earrings

Sweet Elegance

Faviana style 7124, Le Chic Ancient Jewels Necklace, Le Chic Clear Trinity ring

Fiercely Cool

Faviana style 7182, Le Chic Vintage Style Hoop Necklace, Le Chic Ancient Jewels Earrings

Tips from Le Chic to you:
1. Be comfortable so you can dance the night away with your friends! No one wants to worry about constantly pulling their dress up or missing out on an amazing dinner because you’re trying to suck it all in.
2. Have a sibling or friend that’s too young to attend prom take pictures while you and your friends are getting ready. Don’t stress yourself out trying to capture every moment!
3. Spend plenty of time with your friends! Even if you have a date, years from now you’ll remember the time you had with your girlfriends.

Now that we have you pumped for prom, we have even better news…our prom special has begun!! See the flyer below for details!


Have you started shopping for prom yet?


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