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Throwback Thursday – Emerald

The color theme of emerald has never been too far away from the focus of the hottest fashion trends. The emerald color is bold, yet elegant and classic and always has been.

Back in the 195os, it was Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite color during her Golden Age at the Hollywood. She had the most beautiful emerald eyes and she loved to wear everything emerald, from her fit-and-flare dress to that pair of sparkling earrings, except for her flawless red lips. Emerald composed the unforgettable moments of her charming style. Our Objet d’Art Earrings with rustic silver finishing would be your go-to jewelry for a vintage emerald look inspired by Elizabeth Taylor.

Screenshot 2013-12-02 03.06.28

Today, emerald still keeps it’s presence everywhere from the runway to the streets. This color works great as a statement in any part of your outfit – a flowing dress, a necklace, or even a bold eye makeup. We also adore the appearance of emerald when it marries lace and is accessorized with gold. In the collage below, you can experience how our Distinct Sage Ring revitalizes a black dress with delicate lace detail. While having emerald being the theme, you can opt for our Fall Terrace Ring in case you desire more sparkles or our 4-Leaf Clover Ring for a slightly exotic feeling.

Screenshot 2013-12-02 03.06.48

On December 12th, more of Le Chic emerald accessories will be on sale at Shoplately where you can get your favorite styles at up to 45% off with free shipping!

What is your favorite emerald style from Le Chic? 


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Throwback Thursday – Tweed Jacket

In 1954, Coco Chanel first imagined the little black jacket inspired by tweed fabric on men’s suits. It was meant to free women from the restricted formality of dress codes and give them liberty to move around. The design quickly gained reputations overseas starting in Hollywood and today it is embraced by stylish women around the world.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.58.46 PM

Although black remains the forever classic color for the tweed jacket, much more playful colors and textures for different seasons has been developed over the past few decades. Derived from its original presence as the top of a set of a woman’s suit, the tweed jacket is now mixed and matched with jeans, mini skirts, shorts and layered over t-shirts. It is every stylish woman’s must-have!

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.43.42 PM

What would you wear with your tweed jacket?


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Throwback Thursday

Peasant blouses have been a summer staple item since the 60s and with summer still in full bloom, what better time then now to pick up a modern version of this chic, classic top!

Perfect with shorts, leather pants, a pencil skirt, and almost any other bottom, the peasant blouse is usually in a lightweight fabric that is super comfy that can transition beautifully into early fall. Le Chic has picked out some of our favorite past time looks along with our fave modern looks along with how to accessorize with our accessories.



                 Which peasant look is your favorite?

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Throwback Thursday: Happy Throwback 4th of July To You!

Hey Le Chic Fans!

We know you’ve got some cook-outs, family gathers and co-worker barbeques to go to for this 4th of July and Le Chic has three 90’s trends we want you to incorporate into your wardrobe today. Rather then just going with the regular old red, white and blue, consider these options below that we mixed in with the hottest current 90’s trends.

Have the best 4th of July ever!

Plaids Shirts and Cut-off high waist shorts with our “Armored” Earrings

90s Plaid Shirt and High Waisted Cut-Offs

The 90s would not be the 90s without a gold star chain necklace, “Gold Disc Ring” and “Spiral Earrings”! All three will have you 4th of July ready!

Spangles of Gold!

Chunky Colored Watches with our “Independence Ring” and the Striped Blue Tie Back Dress

Stars and Stripes

What do plan to wear for this 4th of July?

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Throwback Thursdays: The Lucite Trend

The Lucite trend was huge in the 90s and its still making a massive impact on the fashion industry today. If you’re wondering what Lucite is, it’s a transparent thermoplastic material that comes in many forms like plexiglass, windows and even instruments. The Lucite trend is quite unique and was once huge in the 1950s, returned in the 90s and is now hot again in 2013. Designers have flooded the runways and online stores with their adaptation of this fierce summer trend. The website, E & T Plastics, has a blog dedicated to vintage acrylic bags.

Le Chic offers many different Lucite evening bags!  Take a look below at a few of our styles along with some of our jewelry that we paired with four of our favorite dress trends!

Neon and neutral colors create an unexpected harmony when put them together and accessorized with our Beata Bag in Brown.


If you’re going on a lunch date at a swanky bistro, this look would be perfect for you! Our Aqua Majesty Earrings and Farrah heels accent this Tamara – Peacock clutch and create a classic chic look.

Blue Orange

Summer whites look good against every skin color and be worn for most occasions. Since we have a few of months until labor day, why not go all out and make your entire look white, from head to toe!

summer whites

This edgy look would be great for a night out or happy hour!

Stone & Marble

What do you think of the Lucite summer trend?

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