World Wednesday – Streets of London

This World Wednesday we are taking you back to London as one of the origins of Punk subculture.  Advocated for its independent spirit, Punk has always been the source of inspiration for fashion designers like Vivienne Westwood who seeks to make a statement. Today we are going to show you some of the contemporary interpretations on the streets of London with a twist of Punk characters into everyday outfits.

Below is an example of a girl who translated the feminine side of Punk by combining an elegant black dress with a rock stud motorcycle jacket. Our black bronzed earrings and Terry ankle boots are ideal to complete this statement.

Screenshot 2013-10-31 23.31.22

The key for the style here is really to express yourself and dare to mix it up.


To revitalize your versatile ripped jean shorts and basic tees from summer this fall, you can investigate a jacket with bold prints which would add that extra edge. Besides, you can never go wrong with a pair of black drench boots for this outfit. Last but not least, try on our black geometric bangle or our pewter mesh bracelet – it’s all about the detail.

What is your favorite Punk street style?


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