World Wednesday – Streets of Madrid

We are so glad to say today is Wednesday!!! … after hump day, the weekend gets closer and as our Le Chic fans know, this is the day of the week we bring forward the perfect looks from around the globe. Also we introduce you with some of our new arrivals and we show you how to match our accessory sets with these cosmopolitan outfits.

Every August, Spanish people celebrate an amazing event, “San Fermin festival”. Surely for #fashionlovers, the coolest part of the festival is the fact that you must wear a special outfit. Enjoy the “fiesta” on the street and let’s see some ideas that look amazing in white.

san fermin street

Want to discover more about Madrid style?… well, you should keep your eyes on the spring-summer 2013 trend: #globetrotter. Take a look on this Ralph Lauren runway pic, full of spanish nuances.


Which look is your favorite?


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