World Wednesday: On The Streets Of Paris

Hello Le Chic Fans, we’re glad see you back and hope you had a fun 4th of July!

Today’s blog is World Wednesday, which means we feature looks from around the globe and of course, incorporate Le Chic’s classic trending accessories! For our focus today, we are covering  the trendiest street fashion from the center of the fashion world, Paris, France. Last week, Paris Fashion Week was in full swing featuring Men’s Haute Couture and many of its locals (mostly women, of course) stepped out in style to catch all of the action!

Paris’ street fashion is among the chicest in the world! It’s fierce, fun and always keeps us on our toes. It’s also never the same and absolutely NO RULES apply!

Below we took three of our favorite looks and paired them up with a few of our classic new arrivals, check them out…Enjoy!


Casual Chic

Casual Oxford Chic

Morocco Necklace


Orange Crush

Orange Crush

Hellenic Stretch Bracelet, Lexie Shoe


Leopard Leopard!

In ‘like’ with Leopard

Golden Gardenia, Lia Shoe

What’s your favorite streetstyle look?


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