Throwback Thursdays: The Lucite Trend

The Lucite trend was huge in the 90s and its still making a massive impact on the fashion industry today. If you’re wondering what Lucite is, it’s a transparent thermoplastic material that comes in many forms like plexiglass, windows and even instruments. The Lucite trend is quite unique and was once huge in the 1950s, returned in the 90s and is now hot again in 2013. Designers have flooded the runways and online stores with their adaptation of this fierce summer trend. The website, E & T Plastics, has a blog dedicated to vintage acrylic bags.

Le Chic offers many different Lucite evening bags!  Take a look below at a few of our styles along with some of our jewelry that we paired with four of our favorite dress trends!

Neon and neutral colors create an unexpected harmony when put them together and accessorized with our Beata Bag in Brown.


If you’re going on a lunch date at a swanky bistro, this look would be perfect for you! Our Aqua Majesty Earrings and Farrah heels accent this Tamara – Peacock clutch and create a classic chic look.

Blue Orange

Summer whites look good against every skin color and be worn for most occasions. Since we have a few of months until labor day, why not go all out and make your entire look white, from head to toe!

summer whites

This edgy look would be great for a night out or happy hour!

Stone & Marble

What do you think of the Lucite summer trend?


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