Tip Tuesday: Dangly Earrings with Summer Inspired Updos!

Here at Le Chic we are huge fans of trendy updos and today we’ve got four trending hairstyles, that can suit every girl! Not only are updos super sophisticated, but they’re also great to wear for any summertime event. Whether you want some lazy tendrils for a bo-ho chic look or a sultry side-swipe for a night out with your beau, one of our favorite styles will be great for you. With the sizzling heat outside, day or night, its nice to put your hair up, show off your shoulders and throw some Le Chic earring on to perfect your look.

Below we’ve  got our earrings paired with four inspirational updos… enjoy!

Light & Feminine, this Grecian updo, along with our Aphrodite Earrings is classically chic and sophisticated.


Gatsby influenced, our Peacock Earrings create more flair for this wavy chignon style.


Twisted and Textured  with some bounce and our Goldtone Helix go cohesively together.

Twisted and Springy

Mixed Tussles along with a Braid-band and our Black Late Bloomer complete a bo-ho chic look.


What’s your favorite summer updo?


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