Tip Tuesday: Get Your Beauty On

Have you thought about your look for the Graduation, last minute Prom or the summer? Well fear not! Le Chic has got you covered with a few boards with the latest beauty trends to get your creative beauty juices flowing, Enjoy!

A twist on a Classic Lip with flirty fluttery Blue-green eyes for Prom

classic twist

classic twist by lechicusafashion featuring lip makeup

For Two-Tone Lips:

  1. Apply Beta Lip Tar to the upper lip.
  2. With a fresh brush, apply Anime Lip Tar to the lower lip.
Courtesy of Sephora

Blue Liner, Bold Brows and a Matte Red Kisser for Graduation Night

Blue Liner and Brushy Bows with Red Kisser

Blue Liner and Brushy Bows with Red Kisser by lechicusafashion featuring eye makeup

Strong Brow Tips:

  1. Stick to powders, not pencils.
  2. Brush powder on your hairs, not your skin.
  3. Focus pigment on the outer two-thirds of your brows.
  4. Mix your colors.
Courtesy of PopSugar

Warm and Neutral Day Look for Graduation or Prom


Warm Neutral

Warm Neutral by lechicusafashion featuring vintage dresses

For this Look:

  1. Take a brown shadow and line your bottom lid.
  2. Brush out to edge of lid.
  3. No liner.
  4. Apply a sheer neutral color lip gloss.
  5. Finish with brown mascara on top lashes only.

What beauty look will you rock the most this summer?


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