Trendy Thursday: Make It A DIY Day

Alright, so its the first week of May and its getting closer to the end of the school year. That means, you’ve got proms, graduations and summer vacation to look forward to, yay! This also means that you’re either going to have some organized chaos, e.i., prom or graduation, or in turn have a huge amount of time on your hands (summer vacation). Either way, with Le Chic, you know we’ve got you covered and you know we’re always on the look out!

Now, its no shocker that DIY (Do It Yourself) videos, blogs and vlogs have been a huge trend in our social world for the last couple of years. Of course, we’ve been crafting on our own since the beginning of time but not always to the creative extent as others.  Awesome people such as  Michelle Phan, have nearly caused YouTube to crashed with swarming fans admiring her creative and crafty tutorials on hair, make-up, and styling. Threadbanger is also well known for the reconstructing and deconstructing of clothing and home decor.

So with that said, we’ve found some pretty cool DIY trends just for you. If you’re into neon decor, 90s overalls, or getting ready for that big day, check out some of our fave ideas and make it a DIY day… Enjoy!

Watch Michelle’s Awesome video here on getting prepped for prom and graduation!

Tricked out Pipe Cleaner TiarasYou CAN make an awesome tiara out of pipe cleaners.

Awesome up-do for any event

For ALL things neon and pretty go here

Neon Summer Sun Dress

Summer Overalls

Reworked Shortalls

Sexy Mesh Top

Constellation Canvas

What cool DIY blogs or videos do you know about?


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