Trendy Thursday: Metallic Mayhem!

So, this Spring and the seasons to come, the fashion world seems to be metal obsessed! Whether its the contrast of temperatures when we wear it against our skin or the sparkle that it reflects when the sun hits it, everyone is incorporating metallics into their world around them!

We’ve seen it on the big screen with the much anticipated, futuristic movie, The Host, with their cars covered in shiny liquid chrome exterior and Elle Decor predicted there to be a plethora of brass in home decor. And all over the runways in Spring 2013 collections during fashion week!


Chrome Lotus Evora Courtesy of

Courtesy of Elle

Looks from the Marchesa, Karen Walker and 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2013 fashion shows. Courtesy of

Well with all of the talk of the shiny element, Le Chic has also jumped on the metallic trend bandwagon with our own metallic collections! Our timeless collection of metallic accessories can work with any outfit day or night for every occasion. Here are some our top picks to incorporate into your wardrobe!

Wear our Le Chic Jackie with your Day look!

Rock our Le Chic Mona for when you step out at Night!

Our Le Chic Contemporary Evening Bag Set can be worn with any look!


What’s your favorite Spring metal trend??


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