Wordless Wednesday: Award Season Looks for Less

All of the awards from award season are known for extravagant gowns and jewels…especially the Oscars! This week, Le Chic wants to show you some of our pieces that could pass for these award winning looks, for a portion of the price! We also hope to inspire those that are headed into prom season. We’ve got a great selection of accessories and jewelry for you!

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Martin Katz Cuff & Ring, Le Chic Violaceous Ring

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Chopard Chandelier EarringsLe Chic Mademoiselle Chandelier Earrings

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Vintage Harry Winston Diamond BraceletLe Chic Golden Spiral cuff

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Jimmy Choo Clutch, Le Chic Dottie Clutch

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Swarovski ClutchLe Chic Becca Clutch

Which piece would you love to wear?


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