Media Monday: E! News Trend Alert

Even though January has just begun, the fashion industry is always looking forward. Over this past week E! News released their list of 2013 spring trends. Start making room in your closet for these new additions: ruffles, bright colors, bold sunglasses, global chic, plaid, side bangs, delicate leather, pale nails, gladiator boots, mod, vibrant blue eyeliner, and bold black and white.

Fortunately, you probably already have ruffles, bright colors, and plaids in your closet. If not, it’s always best to buy trendy items at stores like Forever 21 and H&M. These kinds of stores will provide a wide selection for you to choose from for a fraction of the cost. Invest your money in classic pieces that you can mix and match with the trendy pieces and will last longer because of their higher quality.

Of the trends E! News listed we’ve picked our top three picks and how to wear them in your every day paparazzi free life.

1. Global Chic: No need to visit another country to find rare clothing specific to that destination. Several designers this season have featured prints from all over the world such as Marchesa with India and Ralph Lauren with Spain. When looking through photos from the runway it’s easy to wonder how to pull the idea of a look into an outfit that won’t give you some weird glances. To incorporate Marchesa’s Indian feel, we’ve taken this floor-length tulle look and simplified it. You can still get the sheerness from a maxi dress or skirt paired with an embellished top or jewelry. If you don’t like maxis, you can pair dressy shorts with a metallic top.

Picture 4

Marchesa look, Dress, Bracelet, Clutch, Metallic Top & Shorts 

Another Global Chic look we chose to illustrate, was Ralph Lauren and Spain. To get the feel of the look you can stick with a color scheme and statement necklace. If you’re more daring, try palazzo pants in black with a crocheted top.

Picture 3

Ralph Lauren look, Top, Jeans, Necklace, Shoes, Tank, Pants

2. Delicate Leather: Don’t put away your leather goods just yet; this is a trend continuing in the spring season with a lighter, less edgy feel. Instead of diving into an all leather look like this one from the Charlotte Ronson show, ease into it by picking one leather piece. Try thin leather leggings with a girly blouse or featured as a small portion of a feminine dress; don’t let the leather overpower the outfit.

Picture 5

Charlotte Ronson look, Blouse & Leggings, Necklace, Ring, Dress 

3. Bold Black and White: Moschino was one of the designers that showed look after look of black and white in various prints with a mod twist. For a more daring yet classy look, try wide vertical stripes on a dress or flouncy skirt. To test out this trend, start with a solid bottom and pair with a black and white patterned top.

Picture 6

Moschino look, Dress, Earrings, Clutch, Top, Shorts

Remember… you don’t have to try every trend, especially all at once. Gradually try out new pieces and be comfortable in what you wear! What’s your favorite spring trend?


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