Media Monday: Poshmark


Le Chic USA’s closet

The IPhone app Poshmark is taking shopping to a new level. By using Poshmark you cannot only buy but sell clothing and accessories right from your phone. Le Chic USA is excited to announce our closet on Poshmark.

Le Chic USA’s Closet

That sequin dress in the back of your closet, the statement necklace you have worn too many times to count or the pumps you bought because they are fabulous but not practical for your life are perfect additions to your Poshmark closet. That is what’s great about Poshmark you may not want a certain article of clothing anymore but that doesn’t mean someone else can’t find a new way to style it.

Le Chic USA’s closet

Poshmark shoppers can connect to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr allowing you to follow your fashionable friends. By connecting to several social media sites you can shop and buy from other glamorous closets and fashionistas can browse your closet too.

Posh Parties

The fun doesn’t stop there on Poshmark they have parties… virtual shopping parties. Poshmark describes these parties as “real time shopping events where fashion lovers (like you!) gather to browse, buy and sell clothing and accessories.”

Poshmark is a fun fashionable app the helps you update your wardrobe on the go. Check out Le Chic USA’s closet for all of our latest designer accessories.

Have you checked out Le Chic USA’s closet on Poshmark yet?


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