Forecast Friday: Williamsburg Fashion Weekend

All of the fashion obsessed know that New York Fashion week is finally here. Hair, make-up and clothes galore most girls and some guys dream week. Next Friday September 14 Nathalie Kraynina will present her latest collection at the Williamsburg fashion weekend. Nathalie’s latest collection is inspired by the “little black dress”. The new line is made up of interchangeable separates accessorized with Le Chic USA products. All of the spring/summer 2013 pieces are made with an effortless summer feel but consist of different textures and silhouettes. The collection is mainly black with touches of silver, blue and green and materials such as stretch denim, cotton, leather, silk, brocade and mesh.

For the tenth year in a row Williamsburg Fashion Weekend will feature 15 hot designers. This will be Nathalie’s fourth consecutive season highlighting her designs on the runway. This fashion weekend provides a platform for emerging designers to display their collections in a non-traditional format incorporating live music and dance. Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is a great way for up and comers to show their amazing collections.