Media Monday: Social Media

In a world of modern technology, you can constantly have up-to-date info on all your favorite celebrities, designers and companies. Checking Twitter late at night, updating Facebook while in the check-out line at the grocery store and online shopping while at the beach has become the new norm for anyone with a smart phone. Le Chic USA’s social media presence is growing daily. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Poshmark, Instagram, Pose and Trendabl are several outlets we are involved in.

Le Chic USA’s Facebook page is a good way to stay updated. We post daily questions about fashion and celebrity style as a way to get feedback from our friends. You can see our newest products and sale items in our constantly updated photo albums.  After posting our blog, we always share the link on Facebook so everyone will be able to enjoy our latest updates.

Check out Le Chic USA on Twitter every day to see our different themed tweets. #MediaMonday, #TipTuesday, #WordlessWednesday, #TrendyThursday and #ForecastFriday are just some of our daily hash tags. Along with our daily themes, look out for blog links, new items and new Pinterest boards that will be showing up in our dashboard.

Pinterest is everyone’s favorite new social media site, and we love using it too! Not only does Le Chic USA have a board with our products, newly added merchandise and designer items but we also have fun boards dedicated to our style icons.

Google+ is a newer social media site it is very similar to Facebook, except that it gives you a choice of with whom to share your information. You can opt to show your status updates with the Public, Friends, Acquaintances, Family, Following, Your Circles and your extended circles. Le Chic USA updates Google+ regularly with links for blog posts, info on upcoming sales, sales already in progress and albums of our latest products.


We love Instagram as much as everyone else does. Follow us on Instagram @le_chic_usa for sneak peeks of our blogs.  Some other apps we are addicted too are Pose and Trendabl. We found these through celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and designer Nicky Hilton. These sites are a fun and easy way to keep up with our newly added products.  They are also a great way to show off your outfits and please tag Le Chic USA when you are wearing our items! Our newest obsession is Poshmark; this is where we will sell some of our favorite designer items.

By following Le Chic USA on social media you will get up to the minute sale statuses, new arrival albums and links to our latest blog posts. Which social media site is your favorite?


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