Tip Tuesday: Extreme Jeans

Gone are the days of blue jean with printed, floral, colored, bleached and metallic finishes. The extreme jeans trend seems to have been kicked into high gear for fall 2012. By investing in this look you update your wardrobe and get new dramatic outfits. This new trend can seem daunting at first since the jeans are such a statement, this can make it challenging to put a look together.

Printed jeans are everywhere, with a range from simple faded stars to crazy multi-colored geometric shapes.  Thanks to the large variety of prints there is something to fit every woman’s style. Keep your top simple with a solid color tee or a bright solid cardigan. Keep your jewelry simple as well and pair your outfit with a statement bracelet like Le Chic USA’s Antiqued Stretch Bracelet or an understated earring like the Cirque de Soleil’s.

Floral Jeans are a good way to ease into the extreme jean trend ,  every one already has a floral dress, shirt and skirt so why not add jeans to that list. To toughen up the look pair a basic white tee and leather jacket. You can keep the look fun and flirty with a crochet top (another big trend for fall). However, you decide to style it keep the jewelry simple, throw on a boyfriend watch and several small bracelets and have yourself an arm party, or wear just one large cuff. Try Le Chic USA’s Geometric Stretch Bracelet or pair the Golden Spiral bracelet with a watch.

Colored jeans give you the most freedom when styling an outfit. They come in every color imaginable although bright blue, vibrant red and pale pink seem to be the most popular. Use color blocking, a trend that has been constant over the last few  seasons, as a way to wear these jeans by pairing it with a muted or pastel top. If feeling very brave try a printed top either a top with the same color as the jeans or a black and white printed top. For a casual look a simple black or white tee will work with any color. When deciding on jewelry a statement ring like Le Chic USA’s Victorious or necklace like the Assorted Charm Necklace will add just the right touch.

Release your inner rock star with a pair of bleached jeans. Wear a bright colored top with these funky jeans for a fun casual Friday outfit or pair it with a black top, black leather jacket or black blazer for a weekend of casual chic errand running. Colorful studs like the Fuchsia Bloom Studs add an unexpected pop of color to an already fun outfit.

Ever want a cool Friday or Saturday night outfit that is not skin tight? Try metallic jeans, an extreme jean that is funky, new and very Kate Moss. Try a leather jacket and combat boot to give you the tough girl look or keep it fun with a simple tee and colored blazer with studded heels. No matter how you style it add a statement necklace like Le Chic USA’s Silvertone Fringe Bib Necklace or a funky earring like the Modernistic earring.

No matter your style or budget you will be able to find the perfect extreme jeans for you to rock this fall. What is your favorite style of jeans? Which Le Chic USA piece will you be wearing with your new jeans?


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