Media Monday

Pandora Jewelry has grown over the past few years. Known for their unique beading and charm usage, as well as the option for customizing your own piece of jewelry, they have now launched a new line very different from what they have showcased before. Their new necklaces feature up to 8 necklaces that they put together to make one necklace. Known for their charm bracelets, they have new styles for Autumn/Winter that they demonstrate to be worn with their original charm bracelets. Stars, amethyst, 14k Gold, etc. are all featured in this Autumn collection which does indeed make all of the new styles pop and stand out from the rest of their collection.

Although this is great and we are big fans of Pandora Jewelry ourselves, we have discussed these jewelry items being popular this season, in some of our previous blogs. The one issue many consumers might have with Pandora and their layering techniques utilizing their jewelry styles, is that this can become very pricey these days. One necklace alone can cost even up to $290 – if you layer just three necklaces, well you can figure out the added cost there.

Le Chic USA has been carrying necklaces that already have the look of being “layered” and also offer single necklaces that may be great for layering – all at super reasonable prices of under $215 and also feature real cubic zirconia, charms, amethysts, 14k gold bonding and/or rhodium bonding to create a beautiful luster to all jewelry styles as well as exceptional quality. Not only do we cater to the same Pandora customer demographic, but most of our styles are great for younger teens and adults as well.

Take a look at some examples:

Pandora's necklace "layering" look - This combination, depending on what exact styles one would choose to layer, could easily come out to $1,000!

Le Chic USA's "Floweret Necklace" has the layered look all in one that can be worn alone and is only $36!

If you are looking to layer basic styles together, you may do so with some of our solid cz necklaces or mix a combo of our charm necklaces together that are different lengths – all averaging around $45-$50!! Therefore, you can layer even up to 5 necklaces without spending a fortune. Now, we are even offering some of these necklace styles on sale so you can test them out for yourself at a very low price for a limited time –!details/vstc2=sale.

Happy Savings!


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