Tip Tuesday

Fall Beauty

Since fall is here, it’s time to resort to darker colors in your closet or at the mall if you’re shopping for a new wardrobe. Another aspect of fashion that needs to be darkened is your color palette in your beauty bag. This fall, just like the colors you see at boutiques and the malls, darker and rich colors are the way to go for make-up. Dark greens, plums, dusty rose, deep tan shades, even semi-dark charcoal colors will complete your fall wardrobe. It will be easy to spot since you can look at your summer wardrobe and the colors that were popping for that season, and darken them! The darker versions of those brights that we oh-so loved, need to go to the dark side and you will be set.

Of course with every great eye make-up look, you need the right lip color to complete the beautifying process. Therefore, if you are going to aim more for a smokey charcoal look, then a nude lip or a nude with a slight rose tint would go perfectly with this – make sure to use these colors in a gloss as this not only goes back to the 70s style, but is a big hit this fall. You can also go the opposite direction and have a dramatic lip with more subtle eyes. Magenta is the new red this season so try completing this dramatic lip with a light gray eye even one that contains a little shimmer.

Since purple shades play one of the biggest roles in making you look super trendy in the make-up world this fall, try to experiment a little using purple make-up that you are not used to. Purple eyeliner, for example, is not exactly something that all women carry around on an everyday basis in their beauty bag. However, did you know that it intensifies the color of your eyes? Try it and see for yourself! Otherwise, mix an almost sheer purple color with a deeper plum. Start with the sheer color on the inside corners and work your way outwards towards the end corner of your eye with the deeper plum color. If you want a more dramatic look, then smudge the darker plum color along the bottoms of your eyes as your bottom eye liner.


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