Trendy Thursday

I’m sure all of you have spotted more and more colored jean wearers lately. That’s because they are one of the biggest trends this fall!! It takes courage to wear these pants, especially to those that wear only neutrals all the time, but there are other colors and fit types for women of every body type.  Take a look at some of the looks we found that would make you super trendy during this next season:

This past summer we have seen a lot of navy inspired ensembles that featured reds, deep blues, some bright greens, white and gold. For fall, this look has been taken to different level. This navy blazer is a part of the navy look still yet it fits very well for fall as we now are looking to layer our outfits due to the colder seasons ahead. Navy always looks great with red so this was a perfect choice to pair with these red jeans. Since the pants are loud and she is wearing a jacket, it was a good idea to match this outfit with a white shirt and not too many accessories. Instead, the strappy shoes with gold studs and mustard colored clutch were great accessories themselves. In this case, less is definitely more.

If you are more into wearing neutrals and want to make a bolder statement, these green pants are the way to go. They are not as loud as some of the jeans that are out there yet they are still trendy and can be paired with any neutral tops or jackets you own. Since we mentioned before that right angles are in for fall, these shoes definitely complete this outfit. They still exude a neutral feel and go great with these jeans. Any basic tops or sweaters can be worn with these shoes and the jeans at the same time. Once again, the accessories are not as loud, just a hint of a little. Gold jewelry would be a great addition to this ensemble if you do want to add more of that.

For those that wear mostly neutrals and want to fully stay with the neutral look, the look to the left is ideal. It gives off a “fall” feeling with the scarf and sweater materials yet the materials are light weight so you’re not overdoing it with the layers for this pre-winter season. This plum colored pant is great because it’s a unique color that we don’t see too often which makes it unique on its own. However, it can be worn with not only neutrals but also with bolder colors since the pants are more subtle. The best types of shoes with this type of outfit are definitely ankle boots or any shoes that cut off at the ankle.

Til next week!!


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