Tip Tuesday on Wordless Wednesday!

Happy hump day fashionistas!  On this lovely day we have a fall fashion tip for you, so this post is a combination of Tip Tuesday with Wordless Wednesday!  Tomorrow is September 1st… and when we think September, we think fall!  A staple piece for this month of transitioning weather is a leather skirt!  There are certain pieces the fashion pros recommend investing in, and we think this should be on that list if it’s not already!  We all know leather is expensive, but you can wear this with anything…. over and over and over again each time creating a new look!

Here is just one example of a classic black leather mini paired with a sheer blouse and a scarf for a perfect fall look.  Another great look would be to pair it with tights.

If the classic black look bores you, try something more fun… like this fun fringy leather look by Matthew Williamson and available on Shopbop.com

Are you guys drooling over these leather looks as much as we are?!  We’re heading to Vegas for Labor Day Weekend and think one would be the perfect addition to our suitcase!

To complete the summer to fall look, accessorize with some jewels from our very own Le Chic USA!

Until next time… xox.


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