Trendy Thursday

Jewelry trends usually come in cycles that start small, get huge, fade out, disappear, and come back years or even just seasons later.  It’s rare to see one pop out of nowhere that hasn’t been seen before.  As far as we know though, this is the case with the newly popular “above knuckle rings.”  These baby or pinky sized rings are so adorably dainty and delicate, they are hard to resist.

So despite the urge to go purchase every extra small size ring we can find… will this trend stick around?!

It appears to be a super temporary trend when you see them paired with a hipster outfit and high-waisted shorts…

But then again can look very classic when paired with a toned down outfit in a more neutral environment…

Would you wear one daily or just to accessorize certain outfits? Should Le Chic USA carry some of these “above the knuckle” rings?

We currently carry basic silver and gold rings, a lot of them are even 14k gold bonded or rhodium bonded which gives these styles a beautiful luster. These are super affordable and stackable so you can wear more than one!! Check out some of these styles in our “gem rings” section!details/vstc2=rings3

Until next time fashionistas..!  xox.



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3 responses to “Trendy Thursday

  1. bonkasaurus

    I haven’t seen anybody do this yet. I will be on the look for it now.

    -Bianca at

  2. Walter

    Damn thats whats up! I know some girls that rock those for sure, especially out here in LA haha

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