Forecast Friday

Happy Friday Fashion Lovers!!

Le Chic USA likes to periodically end the week by sharing with you what some of our upcoming events or exciting opportunities are for the near future. This gives our customers the ability to receive discounts, make their shopping experience more fun, and/or provide you with fun facts or interesting ways to use our products or wear them. Speaking of making your shopping experience more fun, we are working on making your shopping experience a lot easier by adding a different shopping cart system. You will still be directed to our shopping store directly by clicking on the red button on the top right of main page šŸ˜‰ We are also going to be changing the background of the main page and adding a new cute logo!! We’d love your feedback on anything that we update or change so feel free to let us know what you think!

Besides that, we are happy to present the next 3 exciting, upcoming opportunities we will be a part of within the next few weeks. We look forward to seeing you at these online events so you can be a part of them as well šŸ™‚

1. Adorn– Similar to “Rent the Runway,” Adorn allows their customers to rent their jewelry for any upcoming occasions at a reasonable price. For example, they have a pair of diamond chandelier earrings that are retailed for $13,700.00 but can be rented through Adorn for only $200!! This is just an example of a service they presently offer. The REALLY exciting aspect of is the new upcoming addition to their website which is their online shop! Renting their jewelry is a great way to test the piece of jewelry. If you like what you borrowed and can’t stop thinking about it after you send it back, you can simply go online and purchase it! Stay tuned for more details as to when we will be featured on

2. Lucky Chic – An online shopping site where fashionistas can bid for their favorite items. Whether it’s the new Gucci bag, a vacation to Greece, or an Ipad 2, allows you to bid for these items where if you bid right, you may receive up to 98% off! They feature a fun blog as well which presents some of these items and how celebrities are displaying them. They also show exciting events taking place in major US cities. Stay tuned to the upcoming auction featuring some of Le Chic USA’s prized posessions as well as being featured on their blog!! Check out in the meantime.

3. Modnique – If you are looking for designer deals or new exciting brands but just don’t have the time to go out and shop for them, Modnique is a great place to start! They offer deals of up to 96% off! Their sales typically have a duration of 36-72 hours and also have the option to name your own price on some brands. They offer an extensive variety of brands and products, more than we have seen on other “flash sale” sites. We have already participated in a couple of these a few months ago but on Billion Dollar Babes and SeenOn which are also GREAT sale sites and have also had much success with them. Therefore, we are happy to be a part of very soon as well!


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