Tip Tuesday: Bridesmaids

Summer is often the season for weddings, and this year that includes the release of what I like to call the female rebuttal, or counterpart, to The Hangover – if you haven’t seen the movie Bridesmaids you might want to  as even the critics at IMDb ranked it 7.7/10.

Now the movie may be an extreme over-dramatization of the pandemonium that may occur in the process of wedding planning, but it is definitely a tough task, and a pricy one at that.
Let Le Chic USA help out with our reco’ of the top 3 bridesmaid gifts of 2011, gifts that won’t burn a hole in your pocket either!

3. Mixed precious metal bangle bracelets – very practical, bangles made from metals like silver, copper, and gold can be worn with almost everything after the wedding is over. Try the Linked Trio for $64.

2. Colorful pendants – an interesting accent to bridesmaid dresses, a pendant with a pattern or bold color that compliments the hue of the dress is always beautiful. Try the Chelsea Leaf Design Pendant for $54.

1. Birthstone jewelry – a piece of jewelry with a the bridesmaid’s birthstone gives the gift that special feeling of personalization. For a December bridesmaid, for example, try the Blue Lagoon Ring for $24.

Do you have any tips for bridesmaid gifting? Please comment here or e-mail lechicusa@gmail.com, and be sure to let us know if you can’t find what you are looking for! Happy Tip Tuesday 🙂

❤ KS


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